Bubbles, brothers and BJs: A very Marley Brinx vacation

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Vacations require relaxation, and relaxation requires a hot tub, and a hot tub requires bubbles…right? And that’s the only piece missing for Marley Brinx right now while she’s trying to enjoy some time off with her friends. She can’t get the jets to work in the hot tub, so she goes straight to her friend’s brother Tyler, who she’s known for a good 10 years now, and tells him to use his man skills to get the thing working for her while his sister’s out picking up party supplies. Like any good man, Tyler does what he’s told, but soon finds himself wet when Marley pushes him in the tub! but it’s fine because she’s feeling extra playful, thus illustrated by the removal of her bikini top to bare her beautiful small tits! Is this really happening right now?, Tyler thinks to himself. Yes, yes it is! And so is the blowjob his sister’s friend is giving him in the tub, too, not to mention the orgasmic sex they’re about to have. Hey, vacations require relaxation, right? (Video duration: 26 min)

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Marley Brinx gives her trophy salesman a first-place fuck

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It’s hard to not let your personal life affect your work life, but when you aren’t getting laid the frustrations begin to kick in EVERYWHERE. Tyler’s pretty sure his girlfriend’s cheating on him since he isn’t getting any pussy at all, and it’s starting to make the trophy salesman’s work suffer. When hIs boss Marley Brinx gives him a talking-to because clients have not been happy with his work lately, Tyler lets loose a barrage of truth. Upon hearing this, Marley, being the rough-and-tumble boss she is, tells her employee to man up and go get laid by someone else. Before Tyler can finish whining about his disinterest in one-night-stands, Marley’s on her knees in front of him pulling his dick out of his pants! She fucks the cum and depression out of him, then sends Tyler on his way with so much courage and confidence, he might as well make a trophy for himself. (Video duration: 21 min)

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Canadanal Day

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Happy Canada Day! Proud Canuck babe Marley Brinx is here to give you a delicious taste of everything the Great White North has to offer… and she isn’t just talking about poutine! Follow Marley as she shows off all the best sights her home city of Toronto has to offer. Not even the CN Tower can compare to her perky tits, that she can legally bare above the border, and her flawless ass, featuring an extremely patriotic Canadian buttplug! What Marley wants the most for Canada Day is some bomb dick, and she’s imported Reality Kings’ own Tyler to deliver the deep anal pounding she craves. Tyler’s big cock makes Marley’s ass sing “O Canada,” so be sure to check out this scene, eh?

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Rooftop Locked Out

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Marley Brinx sneaks into her neighbor’s backyard to get away from her crazy ex-boyfriend, and once Brick Danger saves her from that loser, she’s slobbering all over his big dick in thanks! Pushing her panties to the side, Marley slides every inch of Brick’s huge cock down her tight, little pussy and holds on for the ride of his life!

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Dirty Grandpa Part 1

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Goth girl Marley Brinx puts the fun in funeral when she gets turned on by horny widower Steve Holmes. Turns out Steve’s wife was cheating on him for years, and now he wants to spread his seed far and wide, grandpa’s gone wild! Marley explained witnessing people cry brings her joy, but seeing Steve happy made her realize that she can be happy when others are, and that made her so wet, she had to show him! If Steve’s wife could see him from heaven, she’d be very happy that he’s pounding out a hot young lady’s pussy after spending 40 years inside the same woman.

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Happy Home

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Marley Brinx loves her husband. They were childhood sweethearts and have endured everything together. Now they are married and they are best friends, and she can’t imagine her life without him. The only issue seems to be that she is more sexually adventurous than him, and she feels she’s missing out on something. After telling her husband she has another late night at the office, she continues an outrageous encounter with her boss. She doesn’t want her marriage to end, but what she is experiencing is far too much fun.

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Special Delivery

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Marley Brinx is a curator at one of LA’s finest art galleries and meets a lot of interesting people. Recently she has had her eyes on a particular visitor, an art collector who has been frequenting the gallery for the last year, and they always find something to talk about. There is a great chemistry between them but they have never had a chance to get together outside of the gallery. He has a bit of a reputation, and she knows she can take it further. When she delivers his latest piece personally to him, the sexual tension is undeniable, and before long, they have taken their relationship from professional to personal.

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Cum On My Tattoo – Marley Brinx

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No, Small Hands, Marley Brinx does not want to look at your cool record collection, Marley wants you to cum on her tattoo, if you couldn’t tell from her sexy as fuck striptease. And if Marley wants jizz, you give it to her! She’s more than willing to milk every last drop out of a stiff cock with her perfect lips, relishing in the feeling of it sliding down her throat and deep thrusts into her perfect pussy! He railed her from every which way, even piledriver. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet of sex and dessert with a sweet load of jizz on her tattoos!

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18-year-old Marley Brinx gets her ass pounded

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Marley Brinx is one hot-ass teen with an undeniable thirst for cock. This sexy Canadian with jet black hair and a wild attitude is ready to take all the cock she can. Marley slowly seduces us with her incredible body. Marley’s plump beautiful booty, firm perky C-cups, and tight young furry twat are a sight to see. Soon enough Chris shows up to give her what she needs. Marley fills her pussy, ass and throat with his cock and is in heaven as she takes it. She gives us a wonderful and worthy performance until her face is lathered with the creamy goodness she craved!

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